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    "The heart is the thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love." - Hafiz

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    Rev. Sherry F. McCreary

    Rev. Sherry (as she is affectionately known) is an inspirational speaker, spiritual counselor/coach, forgiveness coach, healer, teacher, and workshop facilitator. She has been a minister for more than 20 years, with almost 40 years' experience in the Religious Science/New Thought arena. She began her Religious Science and other New Thought studies in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1970s, and later became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner at the Agape Center, under the tutelage of Michael Bernard Beckwith, in the early 1990s. She is a Religious Science minister (Emerson Institute), and she is also ordained in both the Interfaith (One Spirit Interfaith Seminary) and Spiritualist (Fellowships of the Spirit) traditions.


    Rev. Sherry currently serves on the faculty at Creative Living University (an independent Religious Science organization) in Phoenix, Arizona. She has had a long association with Inner Light Ministries in Soquel, CA, and also with several Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity churches in Arizona, California, Ohio, and Michigan, where she serves as a frequent guest speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator, consultant, and counselor.


    Heart-centered, intuitive, grounded, and practical, Rev. Sherry has also been an attorney for more than 35 years (licensed in Ohio and California). As such, she has developed keen insights and invaluable skills that allow her to successfully utilize the unique combination of her legal training and spiritual consciousness to help people transform their lives as they learn to come home to themselves and live to their fullest potential.


    A focus of Rev. Sherry’s work continues to be in the area of Forgiveness--offering forgiveness workshops and classes, working with private clients, couples and groups. She also offers Master Classes and workshops on other topics, as well as meditation/vision/study groups and retreats.


    Rev. Sherry maintains an active spiritual counseling/coaching practice (in person or by phone) on both the east and west coasts.

  • Work With Rev. Sherry

    "There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday. There are so many hand-crafted presents that have been sent to you by God." - Hafiz



    For Individuals and Couples

    Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life



    Master Classes, Workshops


    Rev. Sherry is Available for Guest Speaking at Sunday Service or Special Events. Past speaking engagements:

    • CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING: Phoenix, Flagstaff, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Oakland, Prunedale, Bakersfield, Dayton, Cleveland, Ashland.
    • UNITY: Greater Cleveland, University Heights



    • Weddings (including LGBT)
    • Commitment Ceremonies
    • Vow Renewals
    • Baby Blessings
    • House Blessings
    • Business Blessings
    • Memorial Services



    • Forgiveness
    • Visioning
    • Meditation
    • Practitioner
  • Coaching + Classes

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  • Self-Care: A Spiritual Practice - Online Course

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    A Transformational Workshop with Rev. Sherry

    How often have you thought you were doing everything right, yet still felt blocked in your relationships, career, health or finances?


    Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door to freedom in your life.


    Research shows that forgiveness can reduce stress and depression, improve physical well-being, and heal relationships. Despite the benefits, forgiveness is often the last thing we look to as a solution to many of life's ills.


    Forgiveness: The Final Frontier™ will walk you step-by-step through the process of releasing the blocks and unlocking your full potential.

    Join Rev. Sherry in this dynamic workshop where you will learn to:

    • Identify the blocks in your life
    • Release blame, shame, guilt, anger, resentment
    • Dissolve past mistakes, hurts, grievances
    • Rekindle your dreams, goals, vision
    • Experience more fulfilling relationships

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    Creative Living Fellowship, 6530 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014

    9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Services

    Meditation Service: 10:30 a.m.



    November 11, 2018

    Topic: "What Do You Really Want?"





    November 18, 2018

    Topic: "Celebrate the Temporary!"



    We would love to have you join us there!


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  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    When I began Science of Mind studies many years ago, the concept of Oneness in diversity and diversity in Oneness intrigued me, as it does today. This became our class motto at my first seminary. It was especially apropos because of our unusually diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs,...
    It’s a new year and, once again, we have the opportunity to metaphorically wipe the slate clean! Whatever it is we didn’t accomplish or complete last year, changes we didn’t make, pounds not lost, unattained goals, opportunities not taken, unhealed rifts in relationships—all of these things are...
    With all the things we are bombarded with in our world today—constant unrest, violence, crisis-to-crisis living—we risk becoming anesthetized to the injustices, the pain and suffering around us. We lapse into judgment, blame, finger-pointing—separation. Now is the time to take a step back and...

    Accolades and Applause from Clients and Students


    “Rev. Sherry’s Forgiveness Workshop brought out my grief and sorrow and

    allowed me to see myself through the eyes of others. I am now able to free

    myself and others from the entanglement of unforgiveness. Forgiveness is


    Emily N.

    “Thanks for opening my heart today.” Dev O.

    “I found Rev. Sherry’s workshop to be liberating and powerful. I left with a

    deep sense of peace and the tools that will make a tremendous difference in

    my life.” - Cindie A.

    “I really enjoyed this Forgiveness Workshop. I gained an understanding that

    it all starts with a willingness to forgive. By practicing compassion and self-

    love I become reconnected to Source.” - Lea R.

    “This is an extraordinary workshop… one that can be taken over and over

    again! It is healing, powerful, and a wonderful gift.” - Belinda O.

    “Thank you, Rev. Sherry for this incredible class… Your warm, welcoming

    presence helped me feel comfortable right away and able to share my most

    vulnerable “stuff.” Such a gift.” - Jennifer G.

    “Each time I take the Forgiveness Workshop, I learn something new, and let

    go of more of the old.” - Leslie H.

    “Rev. Sherry creates a safe and honoring space for going within and

    exploring the power of forgiveness.” - Sheila M.

    “The Forgiveness Workshop is filled with powerful information shared in a

    thoughtful environment of acceptance. I felt safe and nurtured… and

    empowered to practice forgiveness on an ongoing basis.” - MaryAnne P.

    “Forgiveness is the most agile, powerful and graceful tool I have. What I’ve

    learned from Rev. Sherry has come in handy everyday since taking my first

    workshop with her many years ago!” - Dave S.

    “This workshop was amazing! I had a spiritual breakthrough in forgiveness…

    I am experiencing freedom I haven’t felt in years.” - Brigid F.

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