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DARE… !!

It’s a new year and, once again, we have the opportunity to metaphorically wipe the slate clean! Whatever it is we didn’t accomplish or complete last year, changes we didn’t make, pounds not lost, unattained goals, opportunities not taken, unhealed rifts in relationships—all of these things are in the past. And it doesn’t matter how much angst, anxiety, or anguish we may have about them, there is nothing we can do about them now. So, we can let go of the recriminations, put down the whip with which we beat ourselves up, wipe the slate clean, and start anew… from where we are now. It is never too late, we are never too old, nor have we tried and failed too many times. The beautiful miracle of Life is that there is That within us always seeking unfoldment, a new opportunity to express upon a clean slate.

Of course, wiping the slate clean can often be more difficult than it sounds. We tend to hold onto things with our judgment, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, anger, or regrets. These are all blocks to a clean slate. A sure-fire way of releasing these blocks and wiping the slate clean is the act of Forgiveness. Letting go. Releasing the past. Forgiving ourselves. Forgiving others.

Although research has long shown that forgiveness can reduce stress and depression, improve physical well-being, and heal relationships, it is often the last thing we look to as an eraser of our blocks. Forgiveness can free us up to move forward in our lives much more easily and effortlessly.

I dare us all to be free. I dare us all to put down the whip. I dare us all to Forgive…